Memories of Waddington Workshop

29th April 2017

simon grennan waddington image

Artists Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio are currently working in Waddington to produce new artworks as part of the Ridges & Furrows project. If you live or work in Waddington they would like to invite you along to this free creative session, at Waddington Community Hub (on Waddington High Street) to share with them your memories of Waddington to influence the artworks they are creating.

Drop in on Saturday 29th April between 2pm and 4pm and share the places in the village that have special personal significance for you – whether its a place where you played as a child, or the spot where you met your partner. Your memories, feelings, loves, hates and hurts will be invaluable in the creation of the artwork(s) in your village.

Everyone is welcome old and young, and drawing activities for children will be on offer. Refreshments provided.



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