Machines in the Trees

7th February 2019 to 30th April 2019

Martin Smith’s Kinetic Trees are now on display at St James church in Aslackby village, South of Sleaford.

These moving sculptures were originally commissioned for Sleaford’s Zygote festival in 2013. The mechanical trees move in a gentle, rhythmical way, creating a portrayal of real trees and their movements in nature. Each tree has its own narrative with the artist taking inspiration from myths connected to trees and nature.

The trees were created in response to the theme of fertilisation; one tree has spring leaves moving to a gentle sound, one blossoms brightly and the third represents the means of pollination with wind and birds spreading the seeds.

Martin Smith’s work explores how people move around and perceive a space, whether that’s inside or outside. He undertakes small and large commissions designed to interact with both the viewer and the architecture of the space, through mechanical movement. Alongside this, he also creates beautifully crafted kinetic objects that investigate themes of repetition, precision and rules.

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Start: 7th February 2019

End: 30th April 2019

Time: 10:00am