The Nettles Volunteer Group

The Nettles Volunteer Group

This award winning group maintains ‘The Nettles’, a natural outdoor space situated along the river Slea next to the Sleaford Leisure Centre. The group meets monthly to maintain and enhance this public area by promoting conservational and creative skill-sharing with volunteers and the wider community.

The maintenance and development of the Nettles benefits local residents and visitors alike by providing an inspirational, inviting and safe natural outdoor space for recreation purposes, creative and educational intervention and a performance and display area. With the regular support of artsNK, working in partnership with Hill Holt Woods and NKDC, many plant species have been introduced, habitats have been created, seating, mosaics, stone carvings and sculptures have been installed and multi arts participation days have been held, all with the involvement of local volunteers with and for the local community.

The Nettles now consist of a maturing Hazel holt with a walkway through; Lincolnshire’s longest living willow sculpture screen, which is coppiced annually to provide material for hurdles, fences and creative work; a mini orchard with nine local heritage varieties of fruit trees; a Blackthorn hedge; fruit bushes and many native wild flower species. 


Volunteer at the Nettles

If you enjoy working outside the group are always on the lookout for volunteers. The group usually meet once a month on a Monday, for more details contact:


 Keep up to date with news from the Nettles at The Nettles Volunteers Facebook page.