Ridges & Furrows Artist Residencies 2015

As part of Ridges & Furrows, five artists carried out residencies in four towns and villages across North Kesteven in summer 2015.

The artists were able to delve into each location’s heritage, and explore their present day identity, using a report commissioned by The NK Arts Partnership from Heritage Lincolnshire as a starting point. The report gives a potted history of the Lincolnshire Heath South of Lincolnshire, with special focus on Welbourn, Waddington, Sleaford, and the Hykehams. Download the report here:

Heritage Lincolnshire Research.

North Hykeham – Hannah Nicklin

For her residency Hannah Nicklin met people in North Hykeham to ask them ‘ Tell me about where you grew up- was it near here?’ The responses contributed to a new piece of ‘listening theatre’ that Hannah has created and is available to borrow on mp3 player from Terry O’Toole theatre and North Hykeham Town Council Offices on Fen Lane. The work is available to download from the project website yourhomefromhere.com

People at sharing event by Village Green bandstand

Welbourn – Lyndall Phelps

In Welbourn, artist Lyndall Phelps has been working with the village to research the history of farming and food production in the area. She has met with many local families, some of whom have been in the village for generations, to really get under the skin of ‘then’ and ‘now’, and has amassed an archive of photographs and oral history that will inspire future artworks and projects.

archive photo of Burtt family farm welbourn with horse drawn wagons bringing in hay

Find out more about Lyndall’s residency on her blog.

Waddington – Jonathan Turner

For his residency project We Are Waddington, Jonathan Turner collaborated with residents to create work which took a look through time at Waddington’s past. Using a mixture of studio and location photography, and digital composite techniques Jonathan created three  ‘photographic tableaux’ to tell an ‘imagined story’ from Waddington’s history. In addition to this Jonathan took many family portraits of people from across the village and RAF Waddington. A temporary exhibition took people on a trail around different venues in the village to see Jonathan’s pictures together with historical photos of the village.

Jonathan Turner, Waddington 'Ran Tan Tan' image

For more details about Jonanthan’s work and residency project visit his blog

Sleaford – Kate Genever and Katie Smith

For their residency project Good Pretty Things / Pretty Good Things Kate and Katie explored the handmade objects of Sleaford residents finding out about the stories behind them.

They visited venues in Sleaford in The Moveable Museum of Curious Objects (actually a 1980’s caravan!) meeting people and inviting them to bring along their handcrafted and hand made objects. Some of these objects were photographed using a technique called ‘ Wet Plate Collodion’ – one of the oldest photography processes.

black and white photograph of a toy dog

Take a look at more of the images they have created and read about the stories behind some of the objects people have shared on their blog.

Keep in touch with the latest updates from the project by liking the facebook page.

image top: Jonathan Turner, from the We are Waddington series (detail)