Michael Condron Eco 2 sculpture

Michael Condron with eco 2 commission sculpture and childrne who worked on the design

Michael Condron was commissioned to produce the eco 2 sculpture outside Sleaford REP in October 2013, with the work officially unveiled in spring 2015. The sculpture was funded as part of a Wellbeing Agreement between NKDC and Sleaford REP. We worked with the Sleaford REP community liaison panel to oversee the creation of the work and facilitate a number of community workshop in Sleaford and with Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School, Kesteven & Sleaford High School and Carre’s Grammar School.

The circular metal sculpture is inspired by the cycle of generating heat from straw, and features elements that refer to the process of planting and growing straw, such as tractor wheels, as well as the flames referring to its burning at the REP.

Find out more about the process of making the work by reading artist Michael Condron’s blog.

Image: artist Michael Condron with children from Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School at the official unveiling of the sculpture.