Zygote Festival (2013)

Windmills at the Zygote event

Created for Sleaford by artsNK, commissioned artists and members of the community, Zygote Festival called on Sleaford’s relationship with the seed industry, bringing it up to date with new artwork, new media and new community involvement. The festival included dance performances, installations, a fire garden and a stunning performance from Aerialist Alexandra Hofgartner on an aerial rig over 18 feet above the crowd.

This festival trained North Kesteven residents in festival art skills so they could create new home-grown festivals and artworks in the future. Residents were involved with Willow Sculpture, paper craft, ceramics, animation and plasma cutters in the creation of fire sculptures. The aerial rig from the festival is now used by our dance team to teach this exciting art form within North Kesteven.

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