Dance Factor Lincolnshire

Young people taking part in Dance Factor 2014

Dance Factor Lincolnshire is a community dance project run by Inspire Dance which provides young people aged between 11-18 years with free evening street dance sessions. Each group of young people work towards a Grand Final showcase event, where they battle it out to be the best street dance crew. As well as benefiting from dance lessons from professional tutors, the young people are also invited to watch a visiting hip hop dance company perform.

By taking part in free weekly dance sessions, the aim is for young people to spend one evening a week attending a social, cultural and physical activity which acts as a diversion from less desirable behaviours. Dance Factor instils confidence and a feeling of self-worth in young people, meaning they can develop the assurance to pursue additional activities and make positive lifestyle choices.

Thanks to funding gained from The People’s Millions, Dance Factor Lincolnshire 2015 expanded to take place across seven regions of Lincolnshire, engaging over 750 young people. Visit our resource section to download the Dance Factor Lincolnshire 2015 project report.

As part of the legacy of Dance Factor Linconshire 2015, a number of groups that continued running as well as new ones that were set up got the opportunity to perform at Dance Factor Party 2016, a celebration of the project and a chance for the young people to showcase the skills they have learnt. Read more about the event on our news page.

For more information about the project visit the Dance Factor website.