pupils from Sleaford and Kesteven High School edit footage on tablets

Sleaford Pupils have worked with the Nettles Volunteer Group for See & Hear project

15th February 2018

Pupils from Kesteven and Sleaford High School have been enjoying media training workshops this month as part of See & Hear, a People’s Lottery Funded community project aimed at promoting Sleaford Green space The Nettles and the volunteer group who meet monthly to maintain it.

For the See & Hear project, which is being managed by artsNK, pupils have worked with historian Danny Pedler to learn appropriate interview techniques, and with video production/ photography company Electric Egg to learn how to use tablets for creating editing and sharing video clips. The group put their new skills into action at February’s Nettles Volunteer day, recording stories and anecdotes from some of the volunteers, as well as capturing the flora and fauna at The Nettles.

It is hoped the footage the pupils have captured will help to share the brilliant work the volunteers do and raise awareness of this public green space which is situated along the river Slea next to Sleaford Leisure Centre. The group meet monthly to maintain and enhance this public green space. With the support of artsNK working in partnership with Hill Holt Woods and NKDC, many plant species have been introduced habitats have been created, and seating and sculptures have been installed.

Marion Sander, artsNK Visual Arts Development Co-ordinator, who helps to support the group and is managing the See & Hear project commented.

“See & Hear is a fantastic project bringing different segments of the community in Sleaford together -we hope the project will highlight fantastic work the Nettles Volunteers do as well as helping to promote this valuable green space and helping people to understand the need to care for natural habitats in our local area.”

The Nettles Volunteer group meet monthly (on the second Monday of each month) and are supported by artsNK and Hill Holt Wood. If you would like to join the group, please send a message via the Nettles facebook page

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