New art project A Field of Wheat is looking for collective members

24th September 2015

We are excited to be supporting a brand new creative project that launches next month. A Field of Wheat is a collaboration between artists Ruth Levene & Anne-Marie Culhane and farmer Peter Lundgren. The project will follow the story of the wheat through the growing cycle from drilling this October to harvest in autumn 2016 and invites you to take part as a collective member and stakeholder.

Ruth and Anne-Marie said:

“Our aim is to establish a lively and creative collective community who will explore together first- hand the complexities of contemporary arable farming. We are inviting a mix of individuals from the food and farming industry, farmers, local citizens, general public, artists and museum professionals, researchers and academics”

The project follows two years research into the culture and economics of wheat growing on a local and global scale, including building relationships with farmers in Lincolnshire and with representatives of the farming industry, local historians and academics. A Field of Wheat will take place on a 22-acre field of wheat in Branston Booth, Lincolnshire, seven miles from Lincoln.

The project will have a website where you can ask questions to the farmer contribute to key decisions on the farm, share your thoughts with other collective members and reflect on wider issues around wheat farming (culture, history, economics, ecology).

There will also be live events and celebrations on the farm throughout the course of the year.

“We have chosen to work with a farmer who farms in a conventional way. This gives us the opportunity to examine and question decisions around different types of land and farming across the spectrum.”

To become part of the collective requires an investment of £200 in the crop of wheat, you may make a profit or loss on this amount, this is all part of the risk and excitement of being part of the project. Also a £60 contribution towards the collective’s costs is required which will cover your membership for the full life of the project.

“When we designed A Field of Wheat we felt it was important that people actually invest in the project. We want the collective to experience first-hand the precarious nature of farming and actually commit to be part of the unfolding story of this wheat field. The global market is such a key factor in arable farming we felt it was important to reveal this and become small-scale players in this system. Any profit/loss also depends on what the collective decides to do with the wheat at harvest time. We will be advised on this and who knows, we may come up with some very creative ways of recouping our investment! Its not all about the money though, A Field of Wheat opens up new spaces for dialogue, creative engagement and exchange focusing on a crop that touches on all our lives – about 4.5 billion people et wheat every day and it is grown on more land than any other commercial food in the world. We are delighted that this project is taking place in Lincolnshire, the breadbasket of the UK”

If you are interested in being involved:

Please contact to receive an invitation to the collective, or get in touch with Anne-Marie Culhane on 07849073394 or or Ruth Levene on 07943 425480 by the beginning of October.

To follow this project visit the website after 3rd October and watch the story unfold…

The project is funded by University of Lincoln, Arts Council of England, artsNK, Dance 4 with support from The Collection Museum, Lincoln.

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