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DeMANd Dance! needs your votes

15th May 2015

Cast your vote today to help an innovative new Boys Dance Experience Project secure funding!

DeMANd dance is a new project that will work closely with boys and young men in schools from across Lincolnshire, aged 6-10 years and 11 -18 years, using dance as a physical activity, separate from competitive sport, that promotes positive attitudes to health and wellbeing.

The project is hoping to gain funding from The Aviva Community Fund – and people have until 30th May to cast their votes for the project. Projects with the most votes will go forward to the final where a judging panel will award the funds. To vote follow this link.

The project aims to break down gender stereo-types associated with dance providing tailored sessions exploring themes that are relevant to males, including, contact, lift and trick work, physicality, fitness, strength and being male.The theme of the project will look at the male identity through rigorous and demanding sport and dance orientated tasks that will ‘deMANd’ and exploit the need for a strong physical presence.

James Kitney, artsNK Community Dance artist said:

‘We believe this project will act as the catalyst to encourage these young men to change their perceptions of exercise, sport and dance and to provide a positive attitude to the way they view their health and wellbeing. deMANd! Dance can be the stepping stone for many young men and boys who have yet to take part in, feel comfortable with, or who lack courage to try physical challenges. It will aim to inspire, capture imaginations and ignite a passion to strive and become stronger, determined and ambitious both physically, mentally and psychologically.’

The project will conclude in a performance which will act as a ‘celebration’ of boys dancing and will take place at a central Lincolnshire theatre. This performance will bring all school groups together in celebration of their work and will become a platform for showcasing boys in dance to other schools, the wider county, and regional dance sector.

deMANd Dance! will work with multiple partners including schools, venues and sports and dance organisations to create a project with a lasting legacy in changing gender perceptions, and encouraging boys to take up dance.

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