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MosArt: Pauline Dobson & Joan Dalton

In 2013 artNK involved local residents with the creation of the floor mosaic designed by artist Alan Potter at Sleaford Leisure Centre. Following the completion of the project some of the participants involved set up MosArt, an independent mosaic group that now meets on a regular basis at the National Centre for Craft and Design. artsNK continues to support the group, providing them with equipment, materials and guidance, as well as exhibition opportunities and projects.

In 2016 the group held their first public exhibition at The Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park. ‘Scenes of Lincolnshire Life’ featured a selection of mosaic panels that expressed both the drama and serenity of the Lincolnshire landscape. The work was also displayed at Sam Scorer Gallery as part of artsNK’s exhibition Innovation and Community.

We spoke to two members of MosArt Pauline Dobson and Joan Dalton to ask them about their involvement in the MosArt and asked them what impact being part of the group has had upon them.


Following on from the successful community mosaic piece laid in the riverside pathway outside the swimming pool, it was felt that it was the right time to start an independent group, supported by artsNK.

Being part of the group has allowed me to make new friends, sharing skills, learning new skills and working towards an end product. It provides a chance to share my own creative inspirations and to be supported with expertise and funding both within community groups and as an individual.


I became involved in the group because I was determined to get in touch with my arty side and to learn new skills as part of a programme of my own to get back or maintain the use of my fingers, which had become very weak. I could barely hold a needle or undo a bottle cap.

I saw some pieces of mosaic jewellery and some public art and felt I wanted to know more about how to create these items or similar so I joined the group.


Joan added:

I love the sharing of ideas and the ‘sparking’ that happens between us; how we inspire each other.

I feel very proud to see my work displayed in a public place and other people looking at it and sharing it. The social commitment that comes from working to deadlines and sharing materials is good for my mental health.

If you are interested in joining MosART please contact for more details

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